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Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell hands-on: fighting Satan in a weaponized La-Z-Boy

Posted by Shark (Admins) at Aug 31 2014, 04:52 PM. 0 comments

Posted Image

It’s hard to imagine what developer meetings must be like now for Saints Row. They have to just be constantly asking themselves “Well, where do we go from here?” From a series that started off as a paint-by-numbers copy of Grand Theft Auto, it has since made us President, given us super powers, even blown up the Earth. How far we’ve gone from the streets of Stilwater.

And now, we’re in Hell. Because where else could we go? The Saints' boss has been kidnapped by Satan, to be wed to the daughter of the Big Man in Red. So it’s up to everyone’s favorite antihero Johnny Gat to kill every denizen of hell and get him out.

From the minute the controller was in my hands (mouse and keyboard wasn't available, sadly), Gat Out Of Hell felt familiar. Within moments I was barreling through Hell like I was back in Steelport. Your superpowers are intact from Saints Row 4, so you can still leap into the sky and run along the ground at incredible speeds, with the only major change being Johnny’s newfound angelic wings.

Did I mention Johnny Gat now has angel wings? Because of course he does. And with them he has a limited ability to flap into the air to gain some altitude, creating an increased focus on diving and using your momentum to pull you back up to travel further distances. Think Mario’s cape in Super Mario World.

The flying feels fast and smooth, like you have complete control over Gat the entire time. More importantly the all new, more vertical world of Hell felt fun to weave in and out of, like it had been designed from the ground up to better incorporate flying. This was something Volition Creative Director Steve Jaros said was a focus for the design team, telling me that “before in Saints Row Four we experimented with flight, but the city itself wasn’t designed for flying. It didn’t really feel so good, and leaping made more sense. Now, we were able to design the city to cater to flight.”

Posted Image

Speaking of the world, the map itself is broken out into four distinct districts, with a specific boss said to be in control of each. I was told that Vlad the Impaler was one, with Shakespeare, the bard himself, being another. Each area will have a variety of activities, all of which look to be either recreations or tweaks on previous Saints Row favorites. I got to play through a checkpoint flight race, and a combat mission which was to end with me facing off against a towering sword-wielding demon, but my time ran out before I got a chance to take him on.

While I didn’t get to witness anything to do with the story, I was told that the method for unlocking story missions and eventually completing the game was through gaining experience and leveling up Gat. Either through activities, finding collectibles, or even just randomly shooting the various damned of Hell, if you feel so inclined.

The shooting felt predictably like previous Saints Row titles. You still hold down B to pull up a weapon wheel, and select from an assortment of weapons ranging from “interesting” to “crazy.” They all looked to have an underworld-inspired theme, and in my brief time I got a chance to use the demonic impaler, a sort of semi-automatic crossbow, and the Armchair Mageddon, a slow moving recliner containing both machine guns and long range missiles. They both felt how you would want them to feel, though the Armchair Mageddon was a bit too slow for my liking.

The enemies also fit the locale, as I got the chance to take down an army of gun-toting demons, as well as a couple flying, spell-wielding monks and dozens of tiny imps. With the largest issue I’ve had in previous Saints games being the lack of depth of opponents, Gat Out Of Hell’s infernal opposition may address this problem.

Posted Image

My thought walking away from Saints Row: Gat Out Of Hell is that it does feel very much like an expansion, but from my (albeit limited) time with it, it’s one I’ll be excited to play. It seems to be sticking true to the previous formula of Saints Row 4, while adding in some interesting tweaks and quirks that you can only get from the new infernal locale. I'm told there will be a musical number, for example.

Written by Chris Norris-Jones

The Elder Scrolls Online teases Update 4 with Upper Craglorn, the Serpent Trial and more

Posted by Shark (Admins) at Aug 15 2014, 11:15 AM. 0 comments

The dye has barely dried on The Elder Scrolls Online Update 3, yet a preview for the next one is already making the rounds on YouTube. TESO Update 4 will offer new quests and delves, challenge players to test their might in the Dragonstar Arena and finally open the doors to Upper Craglorn.

"The mysterious tale of Craglorn continues as you and your friends explore a new region of the Adventure Zone and take on the new Trial that awaits you there," ZeniMax Online revealed. "You’ll also find a new kind of challenge for your group: the Dragonstar Arena is ready to put the toughest heroes to the test." Craglorn, you may recall, was rolled out back in May as a "rocky playground for Veteran-ranked heroes," with two 12-player raid challenges and high-quality rewards for topping the time-trial leaderboards.

Update 4 will also implement new quests, delves, Trials, "and much more," including, one would assume, a goodly number of bug fixes. Look for it to arrive in September.

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain gameplay presentation shows the danger of horse manure

Posted by Shark (Admins) at Aug 15 2014, 11:14 AM. 0 comments

Posted Image

Now that Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain has been confirmed for PC, we can indulge in gameplay footage knowing one day we'll walk in Snake's weary footsteps. The footage below was aired during a Gamescom livestream earlier this week, but thanks to YouTuber Shirrako it's available to those who missed it.

Anyone who caught the E3 2014 gameplay demonstration will be familiar with the Afghanistan setting shown below, but this time Snake approaches the base in a very different way. His strategies are amusingly ridiculous: need to distract oncoming traffic? Never mind, because leaving horse manure on the road will cause their jeep to crash! Need to get rid of the evidence? Well, attach a parachute to the jeep and send it flying into space! Never change, video games.

There's been no indication when to expect The Phantom Pain to release, but prologue Ground Zeroes is expected to release beforehand. As its already out on consoles, that shouldn't be too far away.

Guild Wars 2 fan video is superbly edited, unbelievably cheerful

Posted by Shark (Admins) at Aug 2 2014, 04:24 PM. 0 comments

Posted Image

I sometimes forget how much time, effort and heart people will dedicate to a single game. Where I'll skim the ocean of my Steam library—fully aware that I'll one day drown—others live happily on the island of their chosen hobby. That dedication and belonging spills out of these games, too. There's fan art, fan videos, and yes, likely some questionable fan-fic. There's something joyous about that, especially when—as is the case of this amazing Guild Wars 2 fan-made video—it's backed by a catchy pop song.

The video warns of Living World – Season 1 spoilers. Of course, given that there is no possible way to go back and play that season, it probably doesn't matter.

I sometimes forget how much time, effort and heart people will dedicate to a single game. Where I'll skim the ocean of my Steam library—fully aware that I'll one day drown—others live happily on the island of their chosen hobby. That dedication and belonging spills out of these games, too. There's fan art, fan videos, and yes, likely some questionable fan-fic. There's something joyous about that, especially when—as is the case of this amazing Guild Wars 2 fan-made video—it's backed by a catchy pop song.

The video warns of Living World – Season 1 spoilers. Of course, given that there is no possible way to go back and play that season, it probably doesn't matter.

Over at Kotaku, where I first saw this, the video's creator, Gen Kim, appeared in the comments to explain the unusual choice of musical backing.

"My aim was to bring out the mass, pop-based appeal hidden in GW2," Kim writes. "I wasn't interested in setting stereotypical "epic fantasy" orchestral music. I went for a theme that contrasted visually rather than compared. I would say right off the bat that the song evokes lightheartedness and enjoyment of life, which fits with much of Guild Wars 2's gameplay and general atmosphere."

I actually agree. Guild Wars 2 is, at its heart, a game about cooperation and working together. There's an optimism to its story and setting—of triumph through pulling together. There is a pop vibe to proceedings—one that can sometimes tip into the unbearably saccharine. Of course, it probably just helps that I like the song.

The video is cut from various trailers, cutscenes and in-game videos. It's quite the impressive feat of editing. More importantly, it's just... nice. The whole thing makes me feel warm and happy. Gaming, both as a hobby and an industry, can sometimes feel bogged down in cynicism and empty hype. We could all use a little more sincere celebration.

Gen Kim's other GW2 video is more heavily focused on the game's first season of updates. As such, it gives off a slightly slower, darker vibe, if you prefer that sort of thing.

Thief: Deadly Shadows mod removes mid-mission loads, redesigns transition zones

Posted by Shark (Admins) at Aug 2 2014, 04:20 PM. 0 comments

Posted Image

Here's a little something to get the taste of the recent Thief reboot out of your mouth. Industrious, possibly Hammerite modders have been working on a Gold mod for Deadly Shadows for a while now, which among other things removes the loading transitions that were a bit of an annoyance in the original game. While these haven't been excised from the tutorial or the between-mission city hub—and by 'excised' I mean the constituent map parts have been carefully stitched together—the nine main missions have been lovingly reworked. Thief 3 Gold has just left beta, if you want to try it out.

Thief 3 Gold goes beyond shoving map parts together, however: it also redesigns the bits where loading would have occurred, and makes it so that you don't have to nick the Widow Moira's inheritance on Expert difficulty, among other tweaks. 1.0 won't be the final version of the mod, obviously, but expect it to be integrated into Deadly Shadows' big Sneaky Upgrade mod eventually, which fixes a ton of issues with Eidos' hobbled Thief threequel.

Will Thief 4 receive the same care and attention sometime down the line? We can only hope. One quick fix that would make the game roughly 53.86% better would be to remove that abysmal Thief-Taker General character from the game.

Important stealth reminder: the excellent Dark Mod is now standalone.

League of Legends is testing new disciplinary measures for 'extreme toxicity'

Posted by Shark (Admins) at Jul 22 2014, 10:50 AM. 0 comments

Posted Image

The League of Legends community has an unfortunate reputation, but Riot Games is eager to change it. Lead Designer of Social Systems Jeffrey Lin has tweeted that the studio will test new disciplinary measures today (July 21), with a view to introducing them permanently should they prove effective. Punishable offences include "intentional feeding, racism, death threats (and) homophobia."

"Today, players that show extreme toxicity (intentional feeding or racism, etc) will be instantly (banned for) 14 day or permabanned in #LeagueOfLegends," Linn wrote. If the one day test run works, the company will roll out the policy permanently. Linn later clarified the new rules - and the way they'll be enforced - in a Reddit thread.

"We'll be testing one server at a time in small doses to monitor the effectiveness of the system carefully and minimize false positives," Linn wrote. "All Riot regions will get the same test at some point in the future. Depending on the results of the tests, we'll be rolling this system out more permanently on all servers."

"In the past, we've avoided publicly naming and shaming players; however, we've learned in recent months that being transparent is extremely critical to the playerbase's trust in our systems, so we've decided to do a compromise. If players complain about unfair bans for this particular system (so, have a ban year code of 2500), we're going to be fully transparent and posting the chat logs that resulted in the ban."

Lin also said Riot is looking at introducing measures to punish leavers and AFKs (away from keyboard). It follows a rather awkward situation last month when two League of Legend Championship Series players were suspended for "extremely toxic behavior".
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